That my methods have helped 76 real world people get one step closer to their end goal of a head turning body...

Just check out the cross section of people who've written in to personally thank me below...

Not so long ago, I asked my clients to send in their own stories of change. I decided to award my favorite five free copies of the Muscle Growth Formula. The favorite five are listed at the top, in no particular order.

I then decided to paste a whole heap of other stories that made me smile. While I had hundreds of entries, I was initially going to put my favorite 75 up here, but I ended up pasting 76 here. Hey, I can help you get buff, but don't ask me for help with math.

All of these success stories are completely unedited and unscripted. I've even left typos and spelling mistakes in to keep the testimonials looking the same as when they were sent in. I know some sites post fake stories like these, but I really hope you realize I'm too busy to have sat down and wrote all of these out myself, not to mention it's just plain wrong.

Anyway, here are the top 76...


Hi there.

Couldn't resist giving it a try :o)

I must begin by saying that I receive a number of newsletters from sites similar to yours such as
Tom Venuto's "BTFFTM", Craig ballantyne's "Turbulence Training" and Brad Pilon's "Eat-Stop-Eat".

I've been training for over 30 years (I'm 48 years old) and had a very brief competetive bodybuilding
career in 1983. (One local show...5th out of 17 competitors) 5"8" tall, I weighed in at 155lbs with a 28" waist and 16" arms. (around 7% body fat).

Arms are still OK at 17.5" and waist is too big at 34" so although I'm stronger now that I've ever been
in my life (PB bench press just over a month ago) I really should be concentrating on leanness rather
than strength and size, but old habits die hard!

What I've learned from you is that I don't need to train like the monsters I admire in the bobdybuilding magazines, and that solid, compound exercises with enough rest and sleep can keep meaningful gains coming my way even after all these years.

I put this more realistic approach down to the advice in your newsletter and as a result I'm bigger and stronger than ever. Thanks a million. This may not be enough to win the free course but it's all true. No BS.

At work they often do team building events based around sports, and it's great to compete and win against the young guys. I need to keep them at bay!!!

Keep up the good work and all the best for the future.



Hi MH,

As you already know, the older on gets, the harder it is to lose body fat. As a 59 yr. old male I did
struggle a little bit with that. I read your newsletter and the more I read the more determined I
became in my effort to lose this ugly unsightly fat.

To make a long story short, I went from a starting weight of 310lbs., suffering from diabetes (439 blood sugar count), diagnosed with NASH (non-alchoholic steato-hepatitis, inflammed gall bladder (almost removed), and yellow jandiced because of liver damage caused by NASH.

As of this writing ( 3 months later) I am now 245lbs., a blodd sugar of between 68-78. The
NASH has completely disappeared along with the jaundice. And my liver biopsy shows no more damage and repairing quite nicely.

All with no drugs. Just plain old exercise, clean diet and vitamin supplements. I
can't thank you enough for you and your newsletter. You saved me from certain death. Thank you again for all you've done for me.

Yours in Health,

Manny Olmo


MH, I'll try and keep this short and sweet. It's difficult to quantify muscle gain by looking in the mirror as I weighed a little more than 300lbs a year and a half ago. I had a body fat % of almost 50% when I started. 12 1/2 months ago it was 44%. 2 weeks ago it was 28%.

When I started my journey I had a huge abdominable hernia just above my naval. This greatly restricted what I could do weight wise. Since I had the hernia due to a doctors handy work I was very resistance to more surgery to have it repaired. I finally gave in and had the surgery Jan 4th, 2008. This took me out of training for 2 months but I have been at it hard the last three months averaging 6 days a week in the gym.

I lost approx 6" in my waist due to my surgery and about another 6" due to hard work and eating clean 90% of the time. I am no longer in a hurry to reach a destination as I have figured out this is a lifetime endeavor for however long I have left not a journey of a defined length of time. BTW, I am 56 years old.

One thing I have accomplished that is very definable though not by looking is I no longer take the 3 blood pressure meds that I was on for over 15 years. As you can tell by looking at your records I have been working on this longr than I have been receiving info from you but, as you can also see I read your emails and I take your info to heart and apply it to what I'm doing on a daily basis so keep sending them.



#4 I'l stick to the facts then. been gyming since feb. putting on an average of 2 kgs per month. was training everyday at the beginning but since i got your 10 days lesson, things changed a lot. i reduced the frequency of going to the gym

.Definitely increased the intensity of each workout. concentrating a lot on cardio and what i put in my body.have even dropped alcohol because of what you talked about estrogen level increasing in my body. good thing is that i have even influenced 2 friends to join the gym and they still are going strong. iliked the gym before but now I'm truly obsessed with it.

always getting into trouble with my gurl because sometimes i choose gym over her. I can't sacrifice my training for sitting wit her and her friends at the movies.that is about it. gym is not ahobby anymore,it is my lifesyleand my philosophy. work hard and play hard.thanks for your time.c ya.


Dear MH,

Since receiving your newsletter, i have made many changes to my life. I'd say i started receiving the newsletter around 2 months ago, but im not sure. Since then, i have not only added 22lbs to my frame, (unknown if i lost any BF), but increased my bench from 150 to 180, squat from 220 to 290, deadlift from 135 to 245, and i just started doing clean and press, a fantastic exercise which i got up to 120 lbs.

These numbers are great, but they dont really illustrate my struggle. See, i have cerebral palsy, albeit very mild. I have to fight for every pound and i do so day in and day out whether its at the gym or at the dinner table. Baggy clothes have been replaced with more form fitting t shirts and at the boxing club where i train, i have been hitting the bag a LOT harder. 2 years ago, i weighed in at 140 lbs and i was also 6"3, so you can imagine the skinnyness.

Im still not where id like to be, but my fight is not over. Right now, since following your advice from the newsletter, im 6"3, 185 lbs and strong. I eat all the time and take the fight to the gym on schedule and do battle with the weights. The cerebral palsy affects my balance and my muscle tone, making it very difficult to pack on sufficient size.

Instead of being envious however, of other bodybuilders with great genetics, i became determined. If only i paid that much attention to my school work....... Anyways, im a boxer, i have cerbral palsy (which makes boxing difficult, but not impossible), and i have been following some pretty solid advice tempered with some good old fashion self discipline and heart.

I will continue on and will not stop until i have acheived the body of my dreams and at only 17, i have lots of time, but i must not waste it. Of course, im sure receiving a copy of the muscle growth formula would accelerate my gains.

thank you,


Hello The Musclehead, this is my story.
Since I have received newsletters from you, not only it has been giving me muscles and lose fat, but i also feel great physically. Your program has made me fitter and stronger. I really put myself into this because I wanted to see results, and I did. I enjoyed this program because it was worth the try. Thank you

Mehdi Bouneb


so, straight up.  started at 130 pounds soaking wet.  went up to 155 in under a month.  every week am progressing in some way on every set, whether it's the reps or weights.  my wife can't keep her hands of me and i love that it's getting warm b/c my shirt is staying off!  and i'm just now starting cycle 2! 



Hello Musclehead
well first before i stumbled on to your website i was your normal person at the gym practically living there and doing all the little sissy exercises..
then i subscribed to your newsletter and the info that you so willingly gave out for free was awsome it really helped and guided me...i always hated asking those personal trainers for advice...

So it was good to get the advice and tips i needed in the form of a email..

And especially the diet stuff man thats kool stuff there...just straight to the point..

Well yeah i have changed but it is how i train in the gym now and what i eat is the biggest difference to me from reading your emails and to also stay away from those damn magazines in the newsagent...

It was funny i would think of some thing that i wanted to know ie diet and then your newsletter comes in and talks about diet kool you read my mind...

But the biggest thing for me is the education i have gotten from the newsletters is what i really like and to me this has made the difference for me the most..



I have been training for a few months now & thanks for the emails too.
I have a muscles de growth & takes ages for muscles to grow. I have been eating right & eating protein b4 & after the gym.
I weighed 68kg & now weigh 74kg,I have lost fat & gained muscle.


I am glad to read that it is not always about how much fat I've lost or muscle I have gained, for me its been more about how my attitude towards working out has changed. While I have seen some positive improvement in a physical way, i.e. I don't cringe when I look in the mirror anymore! What has improved is my willingness to stick to my goals, to realize that this is a journey not a sprint to the

finish. The concept of "attracting what you think about" is becoming more of a reality. Now when I work out I have that goal of what I want in my mind and use that to motivate me daily. Not too long ago I was extremely depressed due to some major life issues that had crept up and threatened to overwhelm me. After getting help and going through some intense therapy I have come thru to the

other side and along with that I realized that I needed to get myself on track both physically and mentally. While I had some idea of what to do I need some direction so after doing some research I've come to the conclusion that keeping it simple, ignoring 80 percent(maybe more) of what is out

there and using my own brains and listening to what works for my physical body I can do just about anything I want to achieve! Thanks for providing the inspiration and pointing the way to getting what I want! It works as long as you persevere and perspire! ;-). Thanks!!


Hey MH,
My story is a rather short one, for reasons i'll say so here we go,
I've only started reading your news letter the past couple of weeks, because i haven't
had time previously, for awhile (from a few days after i signed up) i had various health

issues that restriced me from training, during that time i did put on a bit of weight, and
lost some of that muscle i had trained for, but as i started putting into practice some
of the stuff you've sent me (the squats work a treat) i've lost a fair few pounds and

i'm progressing again back to my normal standard of training and its all thanks you your
information, your news letter has helped me a bunch, god only knows i needed the help.

- Reign


prior to receiving these e-mails, my ratio of protein to carbs to fats was all wrong. I think it's fair to say that I was addicted to carbs (i am still am but nowhere near as bad). I wandered why i was not seeing the results i knew i deserved!

  After getting one of your e-mails, I serioulsy cut my carb intake and made the switch to brown rice and bread instead of white! It was difficult at first but i stuck at it and slowly but surely seeing a difference not just in my body but in how i feel

I always ;ift heavy but since getting your e-mails, it gave my the motivation to really go for it and not give up and since then i have noticed that my muscles have got rock hard! also people have noticed a difference to which has given the incentive to carry on, the only way is up.



The differences I have made since I began using your principles include being able to structure better workouts, and I have also gained strength and mass on evevy muscle on my body. The most

mportant thing I learned from the newsletter is which excersizes to perform to have the greatest anabolic gains. I always did benchpresses and squats, but before reading your program I never did deadlifts because I thought that they were just a power lifting movement.


I have recently begun documenting my progress with every gym session so that I know how much weight, or how many reps to shoot for on my next wotkout. So, I feel that I have learned some effective principles to incorporate into my journey.
Thank you,



Hey Muscle head
After reading your newsletters time after time I have adapted your methods to my routine which has definately given me visible results that people have even commented on!
Firtsly I have started eating more chicken!! ha ha.
Secondly- timed my protein shakes at the exact times you mentioned before and after my workouts. I have found this to help my recovery the best!
Thirdly I am lifting heavier!! I cant believe how putting the weight up a few notches has increased my size dramatically. It truly truly pays off to work that little extra harder in the gym and with each set!!
Also set myself more realistic goals of a few KG's by a certain date. instead of just wanting to be a huge muscle mary, which would probbaly never happen.
I am constanty reading and adpating more and more of your methods and so far your advice is spot on!
Thanks heaps and keep up the great work (and great tips!)
Joel Brown


Well ove rthe past 6 weeks i've managed to make some great gains i have added 2 inches to my chest, 1 to my arms and taken 2 off my waist i went from benching 120 lbs for my workout to benching170lbs for my work out i've taken my one rep max benchto well over 230 pounds i really cant fing out how much actually because my gym doesnt have enough weightwell thats my

ransformation its changed my life and i feel so much more confident in my self and much more secure with the way i look i would like to greatly thank you for the difference you have made in my life.

yours truly,
Adrian Locke


Hi   M.H.
This is the Saffa in the UK, writing to tell you how you have changed my
ways.This is for the people that have doubts about news letters, just carry
on reading the short note that I am going to write and explain how I have
changed just by reading  the Musclehead news letters.

     It was about a year ago that I first started reading Musclehead news
letters, and when ever there is some sort of exercise that MH. is
explaining or showing us what  to do I give it a try and include it in my
training, in the last 14 months I have changed, I started out at a 37 inch

waist and weighed in at 91 in the first 6 months I lost 12 Kg and now
8 months on I weigh in at 86 Kg and 33 inch waist,, now just explain I lost
12 Kg off weight and inch`s  and built up 7 Kg of muscle, and that is all

from reading news letters. The biggest gain to me is not so much the muscle
but the confidence that I have got from reading Musclehead news letters
that has pushed this 52 year young body to where I am now, not quiet where
I want to be, but hey after 14 months I am not going to complain.

I will try and dig out some old photos and some new and send them to you.

Cheers mate ,chat later and thanks for been a friend and coach.

Don  Gill


I am 44 years old and basically was a flabby couch potato. I havent even broke a sweat in years. I started following your  Emails April 14th I weighed aproximately 160 am now 172 lbs my waist is the same my arms have grown over an inch as well as my chest Your encouragement of old guys has kept me goin I would like a copy of you muscle growth formula so I can make some real gains


Hey MH,

I am up for this :-) you seen the pics from January I will send you a few more - coming along nicely since then, been training hard and lost a fair bit of fat and have just started reading the FLF so will be implementing that at the end of the current cycle I am on which will be towards the end of June. So i am hoping that by the end of August, which will be a year from when I started training, I will be

ooking like a completely different bloke.  My physic has changed so much and noticed by most people I know, especially if I have not seen them for a while - its a great feeling fitting comfortably into clothes again and I am glad i took the decision to get into shape - following the MH program basically makes it a no brainer, i dont know what all the fuss is about!!!

Do I get the freebie now?

Hope you doing good MH



Hey MH,

This is my first time writing you but thought I should give you an update on how i've been doing because of your newsletters.

I've always been a pretty slender guy but also very athletic. I've always been jealous of guys who are big and muscular and would give anything to be like them. Since the past two years i've been working out pretty hard with a buddy of mine. He works at GNC (obviously that doesn't mean a whole lot but

e knew more about lifting than I did at the time), and he also has the results that I want. My results without a doubt had been getting better, I was getting stronger and going up in weight but it was hard for me to see gains in muscle size. Since I started your newsletter and followed the tips you've given, I

an start to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I am still no where near where I want to be (6' 1", 170 lbs), but hard work in the gym and eating the right things should get the job done. It's just so hard at

imes being self concious of myself when i'm out...i'd give anything to be bigger and more muscular. I've had to deal with it my whole life and its coming to the point where I need to say screw it and just get the job done! Thanks for all you've done and I'll keep you posted on my progress.



hey mh,
basically my story is that im only young and am just working out to keep fit mainly expecially in the winter when we are restricted from doing outside sports.
the muscle i have gained is mainly my abs and upper chest as i did not have much there when i first started. i have used your advise to guide me in muscle training and keep challenging myself each day to beat yesterdays reps or weight. i especially liked your information on what a good diet as it has helped me become healthier and stronger also.
im no good at writing stories but thanks for all your help and ill hope the lessons wont stop here
many thanks


Hi MH,
     I am a 48 year old blinded vet.  I have been training for the better
part of twenty five years.  Love to train.  Since I found your stuff on the
net, my weight hasn't changed much.  My definition has really come around

though.  Reliable body fat testing shows that my fat to lean ratio has
really improved.  This all reminds me of what happened when in recruit
training twenty five years ago.  Thanks for the guidance.
Dale Allen


Well 3 months before i checked your site i broke my tibia and fibula in my right leg, i think i did quite well with watching what i ate and the only exercises i could was using two 10kg dumbbells. I could only manage to do press ups with my right leg resting on my left.

But despite my best efforts i still lost muscle  and gained a little weight around my mid section. I put the muscle loss down to not training properly and not being able to work i cant go out and purchase protein. But i stuck at it and once i had the green light from the doctor i hit the gym properly. I've

tuck to your tips as close as i can, I cant say im completley happy with my physique but i've gained around 4lbs of lean muscle and dropped my body fat by 2%.
So im just going to keep plugging away at it.

thanks musclehead
-ross brown


Muscle Head

I have been training for 4 years and thought I knew just about everything I needed to know.  I have read a few books and worked with trainers.  Your emails have given me new information in a manner which is easy to understand.  I have been able to break out of my plateau and continued to gain strength.

Thanks for the help



I appreciate the tips you've been sending for the past several weeks. They're motivating and encouraging. While I haven't made drastic improvements in my physique since I first signed up, I'm definitely getting on the right track.

 I've always been the tall, skinny type of guy who ran cross-country and track in high school and loved it. Last summer I started working out with a friend on a somewhat regular basis at a local gym, and I really enjoyed it. But with the advent of college in the fall, my weight training regiment went out the window.

 Sadly, after an October marathon, so did my running. Pretty soon, with my more sedate lifestyle, I had gained 15 pounds of pure fat. I didn't feel as good, look as good, or anything like that. So that's what led me to your website, and I signed up for your newsletter.

 It's proven to have been a good move. Some of the tips you gave I already knew, while others provided more motivation. Since that time, I have lost 7 pounds of fat by eating better and doing more exercise. It's been a postive thing. While I still haven't hit the gym yet, I've been doing pushups

nd crunches on a more regular basis while rounding out my lifestyle with occasional running and biking. Plus, I've gained employment on a farm outside of town which creates active work - lifting hay bales, hauling trees, etc. I love working hard under the vast umbrella of the Idaho skyline.

 At the rate I'm going, I think it might be time to start lifting weights again and implement an even better aerobic routine.

 I just wanted to thank you for being so positive and helpful.



To reply to your giveaway or actually a survey of your emails. The results of your emails are actually good! I am 29 and a hard gainer. Granted I figure out how to gain weight before I looked at your web sight and signed up, but the confidence i got was great!! It seams I had been slacking with my

etermination of getting it done. The emails that I got were a moral boost for me to go home that night and work out the hardest that i could. To go to the store and start eating healthy again so that I am

ack on track.So I'm sure theres some guy out there with some crazy story. About how you changed his life. But I'm just letting you know that it has help me. And it was a good idea on your part. Thanks for the help!!
Austin in Phoenix Arizona


well my story starts 9 months ago i was sick of the same physique for years its not that it was all that bad but no matter what i tried i could never motivate myself to train like i wanted to get the results i wanted.i am 32 going on 33 and my main goal was to find something to make me train harder

motivate me and give the results i weight was always around 14 stone and body fat 18% benching around 240 but thanks to you muscle head i am now 13.2 body fat 13% benching 290 for sets and geting more ripped and stronger or at least trying my your probably saying to yourself this is not a great improvement in 9 months and maybe its not compared to some other

tories but my story is real in the since i have a life out side of training and its hard to stay motivated every day especially around holidays and family occasions but thank to a bit of help from m/h to keep pulling me back in and keeping me focused i am slowly reaching my target of 12% body fat and then i will set myself a new one and start all over again hope you will be there to keep me going 





    I'm probably one of the older guys (soon to be 48) in your email list.  I was not happy with how I was heading weight wise.  So, in January I decided to do something about it.  I began with some resistance training with cardio interval training.  I did loose weight and firm up my muscle tone but what I really wanted was to convert the fat to muscle and stay about the same weight.  I discovered

your information on the web and liked what I read.  So, I signed up for your newsletter.  Everything made a lot of sense.  I changed my eating habits and began lifting heaver weights.  Worked harder with my interval training.  My weight has stablized after losing 12 pounds but I can tell I am still

osing fat.  My arms, back, shoulders and legs have begun to get larger and my wife really likes the change in my body.  I still need to increase my food intake so that I can gain more muscle mass but I feel like I'm on my way to look the way I want to.  Several of my friends have also told me I look

ifferent, younger.  Thanks for the tips.  You have helped me see that I can get a great workout in less time and make a bigger difference in staying in shape.   Thanks!!!



I started working out when i was about 16. my mistake was that
i was doing reps of one hundred with low wieght and i stayed
the same size for almost three years. it wasnt until late into

my first semester in college that i found out how to work out
and get results. I ended up puting on more than 10 pounds of
muscle at the end of the year and my friends and family were

like "woah! what happened to the Jules we knew". Anyway, Im
hoping to put on a lot more poundage than that next year but i
will probably need some help.

Well the best thing that has happened is I gone from a waist size 50" to 46"

and lost 10#  was 255 now 245, also my self esteme has gone up

Thanks for the great advice


Hey MH, Brice here.  I know you're extremely busy, so I'll be very quick.

Prior to using your course, I was inconsistent with lifting.  I had gone to the rec center of my local hospital for a couple summers prior and the exercise physiologist helped me out with my form and drew up a great plan for me.  Problem - it took a couple hours of busting my butt to get it all in.  Nothing wrong with that, but I had other things I wanted to be doing before it got dark.

That said, just your NEWSLETTERS have helped me exponentially.  I am more efficient when I work out, and I now get 2 muscle groups a day worked very, very thoroughly in under an hour.  I'm a tall, skinny guy, but in just a couple months, I have added about 5 pounds back onto my frame and I am

eeing tone and mass beginning to pack back on.  Not Mr. Universe by any stretch, but I am eternally grateful for your knowledge and your willingness to share.  You'll be very rewarded for your giving attittude, sir.


Thank you for yours newsletters and advices.
Now I know that I'm doing exercises on the right way. The first I
think about my health in general and I'm enjoying my exercises.
Thanks you for support, advice.

Best regard ,
Viktoras Liepins


Hey just figured I'd shoot you an email --

Basically, about at the beginning of this school year, I started to do 
a lot of research on working out because I wanted to be bigger and 
stronger, and I signed up for a few of these types of newsletter 

programs, as well as doing outside research, and I must say that this 
one has been then best. Not only have you stayed in contact, but 
you've given me a lot of helpful tips about working out that I have 
put to use in my programs.

I particularly remember your tip about working out the calves - that 
they are difficult to grow and need more reps than usual - and put 
that to use throughout my workouts and I think itd been working. My 

calves have always been pretty big (im a sprinter), but I've also 
gained about 20 pounds this year from working out, and they certainly 
aren't lagging behind. Thanks so much = )

I also remember some parts of when you interviewed some other trainer 
about his book or something - you talked about a loading phase and a 
cutting phase for being big and strong but not fat - I've seen that in 

other reputable places as well, and I'm a pretty skinny guy, your 
stereotype for making better haha, but if i ever need it, I'll 
definitely put that to good use.

Not only that but all your answered questions seem to come at 
strangely coincidental times, right when I'm wondering about that 
topic. Haha, i swear, im not making this up. Right when i started 
thinking about chest growth, an email came in from you answering 

questions about it. And when i started to question how any days a week 
i should work out and how I should split it, I see musclehead in my 
inbox. So either your stalking me, or doing a good job covering common 
concerns for beginners = )

I think the thing that stuck with me most is how you stress getting 
the fundamentals right though. Throughout all my research, I've run 
into a ridiculous amount of different views on working out. It really 

confused me and was exceedingly frustrating, because research in this 
field is like no other - you have experts left and right giving 
completely different plans and saying that they are all the best, yet 
they all contradict each other. Some say high reps low weight, others 

say low reps high weight. Some say go to failure, some say you 
shouldn't even need a spotter. Some say eat a lot, of protein, some 
say eat a lot of carbs. It seems like you just cant get anything 

straight. But when I read your newsletters, its a reminder about the 
real right way to do it (so i dont get as confused reading all these 
crazy complicated workout plans) - just stay simple and stay 

dedicated. I've done a lot of looking around, and I think that you 
have it right - just keep lifting, keep improving your weight, and do 
simple (compound) time tested exercises.

So yeah, sorry for that long email, but I guess I just wanted to let 
you know that I really appreciate your advice, and I would love to 
know how you lay out your whole program, because I'm certainly far 

from totally researched, and I want to make gains faster. I guess I 
went a little off topic, but using your advice, I have gained about 20 
pounds of pure muscle over the school year (gone from 120 to 140), and 

I hope I'll be able to keep that up = )  I used to be one of those 
kids who wore big shirts that always the sleeves go past your elbows, 
but this year I dropped a size from large to medium, and it looks much 
better. I'm still trying to get rid of all my large shirts and replace 
them with better fitting ones to this day...




my body has improved a great deal but honestly the biggest improvment that
I have made was my mental strength. I have it concrete in my mind that I
will do it and my will power is so strong now that there is nothing in my
way of that will distract me which all adds in the to the muscle addition
and fat loss that I was able 2 succed with.


hey musclehead :)
Im 17 and have always been pretty slim with a fair bit of strength for my size, i joined the gym a couple months ago and have made some improvements in both strength and physique, my bench press has gone from 40kg to 60kg in about 2 months, 70kg if i decrease the reps to 6, not to

ure if this is much but it meant alot to me, its shown me that im doing something right and im making gains which is more than i can say for most of the guys at the gym considering i've watched them lift the same for the last 2 months. Im also starting to see some great changes in my abs, my body fat has gone from 12% to 9% but my weight has still stayed around 10 stone 8 pounds.

Also i think one of the BEST pieces of advice you've EVER given is...leave your EGO outside of the gym, too many people are compromising correct form for weight just to impress the two blondes on the treadmill, i watched someone last week drop 120kg sideways off the bench and completely crush his I-touch,the guys face was hilarious, wish i'd have recorded it now lol.

regards, lee


At the age of 17 leaving school I couldn't even perform 1 press up or pull up, I was scrawny, had no confidence and I wouldn't even wear shorts and T-shirt unless I was at home, a couple of my friends were into the gym so I thought id give it a go but I would see the weights they were doing and just

ake up an excuse not to do it because I was so embarrassed of how weak I was, even in the gym when everyone was wearing T-shirts and vests id be there in a jumper or hoodie I was just to self conscious to do anything in front of anyone

So anyway over 2 years later and no change with my body I heard about a small local gym that you paid a yearly fee and got given your own key to go there anytime you pleased, I got myself a key straight away and started going really late at night when I knew there wouldn't be anyone about, I

tarted following different workout routines from the net with not much luck what so ever I put a few pounds on but nothing noticeable I was still weak, scrawny and unhappy.

But then after months of trying out different routines, wasting money on supplements promising the world and experiencing hardly any gains I decided to search for reviews on muscle building websites and musclehead came up top so I logged onto it and subscribed to the newsletter.

So I started receiving the newsletters and writing down all the tips on a pad until I thought I had enough information to make up a workout routine from it.

Anyway it was after about 3 months of using the workout routine I started noticing big differences on my body, the changes from month to month were really noticeable especially my strength. My shoulders actually had meat on them you could even see the cuts of muscle, I couldn't fit my fingers

ound my forearms anymore something I could do easily before, my biceps and triceps were starting to become quite impressive in my eyes, even when they weren't tensed, my back was the body part I was most happy with I had my brother take a picture one day, I was really impressed I could see a

road looking back with muscles showing in different areas, I knew all my hard work and dedication was paying off finally. I almost forgot to mention my legs, I swear they were like birds legs hanging out of a nest, but now I feel totally confident wearing a pair of shorts, I remember my very first leg

orkout I was walking home like john wayne asking myself if I should go through that again, well luckily I did and although my legs aren't the biggest in the world they're definitely not the smallest I can see all the muscles in my quads my calves look like they have meat on them finally and as a whole they're well in proportion with my new body.

To this day I am still using the tips from the newsletters and will continue to in the future many thanks for all your help MH your info has made me into a different person and I'm liking it haha


Hey my stories not grandios or anything but with the news letters I've been
receiving I've learned quite a bit. I learned what not to eat/drink, things
that will help to build muscle or lose fat and things that won't help. I

learned a lot about the things I did wrong. I learned the proper way to work
out and exercise and its helped quite a bit. I thought I knew quite a bit
but soon enough realized I didn't know as much as I thought I did. Any ways

to make things short I've learned the basics and it has helped me as well as
others quite a bit. I've passed on this information to others and helped
them in a big way. Thank you for spending your time on us average people.
Still not huge but im working on it.


Hey Musclehead-

Thank you very much for the newsletter. It's great that it's free, but it's even better that it works. I started getting your newsletter about two weeks ago, and in the first week I gained about two pounds, which is good. Then, all of a sudden in the past four or five days, I've gained three pounds! It sounded

razy at first to me and then I checked the scale and it was true. I think it was because I took my diet more seriously. I told my friends and they didn't believe me at first. Then I also told them about this.

By the looks of it, I'm sure it's muscle. I'm very thankful for this because I"ve always been an ectomorph and now I'm glad because the results have never came faster. I can't wait for the next two weeks and see what I can achieve.

Thanks again


I think for me what I have learned more than anything with your newsletter is valuable information that will stay with me for a lifetime.  It seems nowadays that there is more "overload of information" that causes too much confusion for the average joe trying to lose weight and gain muscle.  What's

nteresting is that your information not only is practical but applicable to everyday.  It;s common sense and ultimately cuts through to the chase so that you arent confused.  I could tell you stories of how I lost bodyfat or gained muscle but, what is even more rewarding is how this information instills

n me a way of being vs a temorary fix.  It is so important for others to realize that taking care of yourself is so crucial for if you don't have your health then you really dont have anything while living on this planet.  I personally believe that it is our reson-siblity ( respond to the best of our ability) to

take care of ourselves and improve in ALL areas of our lives because afterall, we are multidimentional and  our health is one aspect of who we are.  Needless to say........we are also, mental, spiritual, emotional and physcological as well.  So, that means we need to focus our  attention on all of those

parts of us so that we are well rounded.  And, what your company does and has done for me is given me the opportunity to look at least into the physcial aspect if not the mental aspect of who I am.  Wow, how incredible is that ,for advancing oneself helps advance everyone.  For that truly raises the consciousness of all humanity.. Thank you so much for all you do and have done.-


Gregory Goebel


Hey, i was at a major plateu when i began getting your newsletter. I am 155 lbs, squatting 395 and benching 250. When i maxed out yesterday, i finally got up 260 on bench. Although it is only five

pounds it was certainly a big accomplishment, as ive been there for about a good month. You really helped out as far as meal timing, i really appriciated the help you have provided. Ive been living in the weightroom and im glad to see some big numbers for a fmr skinny guy.



Since i started receiving your newsletter my outlook on life and the way i
build muscle has changed. I never used to have any idea how to train and was
really small at 68.5 kg, but since learning how to train properly i have

gone up to a solid 86 kg, with only a little bit of it fat. I am no longer
small and am now the second muscliest guy in my university class of about 60

people (the first being a 21-year-old South African ameteur bodybuilder). I
am also one of the only people i see in the gym deadlifting and can deadlift
142.5 kg for 7 reps. Training for me is now something i look forward to, and
i hope to, in the near future compete in a bodybuilding comp.

Many Thanks,


since i have received your newsletter i have become more slender and have develped a lot more strength. i have also finally started to notice definition...especially on my arms. i dont mind if i win or nt but i would already like to thank you for the help you have given me.
Thanks again


The change I have seen since receiving your newsletter would be more mental than physical. Having a fitness based newsletter in my inbox every few days is yet another factor in keeping me motivated. Fitness is a lifestyle, and the more one surrounds themselves with positive reminders, tips, and techniques, the more motivated they will be to maintain a lifelong healthy physique.


I strained and strained on various documents and articles explaining that they "had the answer to bodybuilding" and they promised more than physics could deliver. I was searching and searching, hearing every single bit of information from every single different person, and no one ever connected to the truth. I knew a good bit about how to build muscle and what made the body up,

having studied physical therapy for almost 2 years, but i never knew what it took to grow the right way. Before this newsletter all i went on was a word of mouth showing me how to grow muscle...the only problem is that it was how to grow muscle in 3 years time. Then i stumbled upon this newsletter,

and it changed everything i knew about muscle growth, including genetics and how it plays a part, the right diet to have and change your life around, the intensity that it takes to keep at it, and the right training's not just about getting in the gym as much as i can and do biceps for an hour. Since receiving this newsletter i have followed your program and principles thoroughly, and no matter what critics joke about towards me when i'm sittin there eating tuna instead of a birthday

cake, the results cannot joke. This newsletter has given me a new perspective on bodybuilding, and since altering my way of life towards being serious about training with this newsletter's knowledge, i have gained more muscle in the past 5 months than i ever have in the past 5 years, and i could give

you all sorts of stats, but the important thing is, my LIFE is renewed, and i no longer fear taking my shirt off, or being near "bullies" that make fun of overweight people. I feel confident, powerful, and energetic. I use only the principles and knowledge that you have provided, and even if i hear others

give solid information about bodybuilding and muscle growth, i always go back to what i've learned from this newsletter and compare the two. I do not have a copy of the muscle growth formula, but if it's anything close to what the newsletter delivers, no price could get in the way of me obtaining

it...but of course free would be good too, haha ;). But anyway, you are awesome, thanks for bein you, i think it's fantabulous that you keep it real and anonymous, ahah, sweet. Thank you for turning my life from over-weight training to a devotion towards muscle growth and development.


Hey musclehead,
Just had to respond to your last email to let you know that your program has worked for me. I am 60 years old and have been working out 3 times a week for the last four years. The transformation of my body has been pretty incredible and is noticed by all. Initially I lost 30 pounds to a fairly lean 195

pounds 6' 3" in height with a 34 inch waist. My muscle mass was increasing at a very slow rate and aventually reached a plateau where there were no visible gains. Since institution of your program with a better diet and more protein with a no nonsense hard 1 hour progressive weight workout it

sure made a difference. I now weigh 212 with the same 34 inch waist and have added 3/4 inch muscle to my arms not counting the rest of my body with some nice growth as well. My arms are 17 inches,46 inch chest and 34 waist. Your program will work for any age group..Dont let age be an excuse to be out of shape.
Thanks for all your help Musclehead,
Yours truly,
Bill Adams


Hey mh,
I have been reading your newsletters for about two months now and it has made all the difference. I just turned 13 about 1 month ago and decided that i want to get serious about muscle building, so what do I do? I subscribe to your newsletter, and after all of them I took action. I asked my parents if

I could start working out because I want didn't want to be a skinny wimp anymore. (A motive why i didn't want to be skinny is because i play ice hockey and the older guys check, hard) Then after reading your newsletters, In about NINE WEEKS I GAINED 10 LBS. Thanks for the info or I'd still be 73 LBS. of skin and bone.

Thanks a bunch,


Thanks MH,
My name is Karl and I found your newsletter browsing through the net probably on Facebook one day and I decided to sign up basically after seeing a lot of old photos of me looking really fat and

chubby. It's definitely not the look I wanted but I guess I walked into it thanks in part to a small bout of depression (eating food tended to help me get through my troubles... mmmm chocolate) from having a nasty break up with my ex and mostly due to the falling out I had with my mum about 12 years ago.

After the breakup I was happy with not being romantically attached and I have had many female friends but never the type to actually call a girlfriend (or even get to sleep with) so I guess one could

say I have had success with the ladies but not in the way that would make me a player. After 6 years of being single (and happy as a club DJ) it does get lonely and one would like the attention of a lady, so I decided to hit the gym and do something about myself.

I hit the gym just after New Years 2007 right after I admitted to a very close friend of mine that I was really attracted to her but never found the time or the reason to tell her. As per usual, nothing

eventuated out of it but we're still good mates. I ended up telling myself that if I ever wanted to be successful with the ladies, I needed to be successful with myself first and foremost. In turn it would help drive me to be successful in other areas of my life too.

Right after hitting the gym back in 07 I found myself going about 2-3 times a week and feeling really good about it but never having that drive to strive for more and really hit it hard. Going on the cross

trainer is good but after a while one can get pretty damn sick of it especially when starting out as having no one to work out with. At my peak I was lucky to hit the gym 3 days a week as I found myself working out all my muscles in the one workout and not having any energy to do much afterwards.

After 6 months of being at the gym a good friend of mine explained how to work out properly by separating muscle groups and it started making more sense to me. So I got a 4 day routine from her

giving me examples of exercises which I should be doing on particular days to optimise my exercise. From all reports it was good but I guess workouts for women and men is like comparing oranges and apples in many ways, sure some women will do the same exercise as the blokes do, but in order to really workout as a bloke, it's best to listen to what the guys do at the gym and how they workout.

Then one day I stumbled across your web ad and decided to sign up for the newsletter. Ever since I've been reading up on your technique I have found myself going to the gym 4-5 times per week -

constantly. I was pretty scared of having to do exercises like the squats and after a few months of doing them, I've gone from doing a 50Kg (bar not included) to an 80Kg squat - I guess being pretty heavy has made my legs and thighs pretty strong so I have had some headstart with it. I'm also getting very familiar with doing some harder exercises such as the military press which has become a staple in my Friday shoulder workout.

Not only do I find myself doing exercises that kinda scare some of the biggest cats in the gym and really making a lot of headway with them (squats are definitely one of those exercises - I find it quite strange to see guys with really huge arms but nothing below in their legs to support all that weights)

but I've been getting a lot of compliments from other gym enthusiasts at my gym saying how much progress I've been making - so much so that the guy who owns the gym will point at me and tell his

new customers about how big I used to be and how much fat I've lost since starting there - yeah I've become the "after" guy that a lot of people want to be hahaha. Dunno about you but hearing stuff like that drives you to go harder and do more and I haven't looked back since.

Every night I go home and examine all the changes that I'm making right before I take a shower. I used to think it was pretty damn conceited for someone to flex in the mirror but now I see why they

do it - when one can see the improvements being made in their physique they get driven to do more and go harder. Ain't nothing wrong with staring yourself down in the mirror with no shirt on, growling, psyching yourself up and wanting to go even harder the day/week after is there?

Sorry to bore you with my story, I'm sure all you really wanted to read was someone who's life has changed after reading your newsletter but thanks a lot. I really appreciate the help



hey I started following the directions you have given me yet only gained about 5 pounds in the last 1.5 month. Is that good or am I doing something wrong? I try to eat 3 meals a day and have snacks

throughtout the day as well. I know I don't got much of a story to tell you but the muscle growth formula would really help me. I'm a skinny guy and weigh only a 115pounds and being 20 that seems

really abnormal. I got way to high of a mutaboulism. Alot of people are saying use steroids or other gainers but i'm trying to gain muscle the natural way. Tell me what you think and please get back to me.

PS. I can't wait to have a better built then I can enjoy going swimming alot more

Thanks man




I am currently majoring in Health Promotion and Fitness, and I have a lot of knowledge in fitness and nutrition. I am pretty fit but I'm only 155 lbs and 5 ft 9 in. I want to get bigger and more cut than I am

now. I used to be 135 lbs in high school when I ran cross country. But now I'm going to be a junior in college and trying to get bigger and stronger and gain more knowledge in the fitness world. I am extremely health conscious so I am eating 5-6 meals a day and I eat a lot. I eat very healthy; no soda,

trans fats (partially hydrogenated oils), candy, desserts, or more easily put, no junk food period. I eat my fruits and veggies, and I think I take in the right amounts of protein, carbohydrates, and fats for my goals. I think my food intake now is pretty amazing compared to what I used eat. All I used to eat

was peanut butter sandwiches, eggo waffles , and ellios frozen pizza. Along with candy and soda, or basically everything bad. Before I was 135lbs from running in high school, I was short and chubby and had little motivation to do anything. So I have come a pretty long way. I have taken in a lot of

knowledge from all my professors, and reading up on whatever I can to better my chances of being the best I can be. I workout every other day, and I really focus on form and being the muscle I am working out that day. I am lifting pretty light weights but slowing down the eccentric contraction will

put the muscle under stress longer. At least I think it is the eccentric. I might have mixed up the name. The only supplement I take is a natural whey protein. I don't trust anything else. I never have

or never will take steroids or any other bogus supplements/drugs. Like I said before all I want to is be the best I can be. So I hope you can give this program to someone like my self, who is dedicated to

living life to its fullest and living life as long and as healthy as I can, and really wanting to get bigger and more defined. I really love what I'm learning and I can't wait to get out into the real world and get a job in fitness and nutrition. Thank you so much for listening, and I hope you chose me.



Hey muscle head

Here is a short story and I can't wait to see how it ends.
I am a welder and a retired pro bull rider so I have always tried to stay in
good shape. But 3-4 years ago I suffered from a back injury that was

crippling almost literally. I ended not being able to lift anything and
could hardly walk.
I ended up having a surgery to ease the pain. So needless to say all I could
do was sit around. I started to put on weight on and my body went down hill

really fast. This past fall I was finally able to go to the gym again and
signed up for your letters and couldn't believe how much I was doing wrong.
I have been trying to follow your tips and work outs the best I can and it

has taken time but the results are starting to show.
I am getting comments on my size and how my physique has changed.

I still don't have my six pack but I am working on it. Nor am I ripped yet
but I did want to share my story and say thanks.
Please keep the info coming.



Hey Musclehead, because of your free advice, my body has improved week by week. I used to be a pumper, set after set and rep after rep. I loved that feeling, I still do. BUT by dropping the amount of reps and sets and actually working to failure (not being able to curl, push or pull anymore) as I know

it has made a difference. One of your first e-mails to me taught me this, I never really experienced this feeling before, and that is after 10 years of training! 10 fucking years it took me to learn to train like a body builder! Now for almost 8 months since I've been following your advice I look like

someone who works out, not a Calvin Klien underwear model. Sometimes I'm on the gym floor training for only 20mins! Food, food, food, I always thought that I ate enough, but funny, I didn't gain weight. Now I graize, I eat well, I eat simple, I eat often. I complicated things so much that I was

probably having more supplements than real food! KISS, made me stop and think a little bit. I'm not saying that gaining muscle is easy, but I complicated it so much that no it is so refreshing to get no nonsense advice from someone who does what he advocates. Your tips and advice has helped me so

much that Guys at work are actually asking me for advice now! can you believe it? I've kept every e-mail you have sent and every now and then I re-read them and have a look at my training and have a look in the mirror. A little change here and there helps, consistency too has helped. I sleep better,

feel better, look better and root better aswell. My weight has gone from 82kg to now I'm 90kg, not much and I haven't got really great abs but I actually look like I workout. I train like someone that knows how to train and soon I will tighted up the diet and include some serious cardio and will compete in a natural comp next year. I have to stop now because I could just go on and on,
Thanks, Joe.


hey musclehead, first off just wanted to say thanx for doing all that u've done so far, I always read everything you send.  So basically heres my story i started workin out on and off since i was 17, and im now 20. I was always a small guy and my family is all small to add to it.  But since December I

really have made an effort to go to the gym daily and eatinng right and so on.  So when i started out i was 135 and im  5 foot 8inches: not a very big guy at all.  After reading about shocking ur body every workout and how to mix things up, and I also record every thing i do. So now im 155 lbs, and much

stronger than b4, i went from benching 45lbs dumbells at my best time with a good spot to benching 65lbs dumbells, so thats just a little bit of the improvement ive made based on some of the tips ive read dirctly from ur emails.  I could really use all the help I can get, ive learned alot but im always

looking for something because lets face it 155 isnt big and i wanna be able to bench 2 plates for full sets on my own, and thats not where I am yet lol.  So in conclusion thanks for everything and I look foward hearing back from you.


Hi I'm 50 and have eight kids mad but true about 8 months ago I started training I was 130 cm around the waist and my weight was 110kg. I started quiet well putting on muscle and losing fat but I hit many walls your emails have helped me to get pass them. There is so much conflicting

information around your help has been invaluable. I have decided that I want to compete in the over 50s in body building I am now 97 cm waist and 94kg I have a long way to go but I have given myself another year to get there. Your formula would help me a lot but I just can't afford it I do appreciate the emails a lot and they help keep me motivated. Thanks Wayne


Dear Musclehead

Wow thanks for the opportunity to tell you how much you have helped me
in the past few months with my training.

I truly feel that by reading your books and e-mails have made a huge
deference in my training.

Yes I do my best to train hard and to get my self in shape. And the best
thing is that your e-mails keep me motivated.

The fact that I'm in South Africa and you are in the Land Down Under is
even more motivation for I feel you have helped me in the past and I
have to do what is needed on my part to get results.

Thank you for doing your best to help the clueless guys all over the
world to get into a program that works and to get the results we need.

With each of your resources you are giving your best to help guys like

May you experience all the success you deserve!

You are my inspiration man!

Thanks for all the response from you in the past.

Johan Barnard
South Africa


Hi MH, here is my story. Back in 2001 i had an industrial accident that left
me with a fractured vertabae in my neck. luckily my spinal cord was only
compressed not severed so i retained the use of my arms and legs. i had
corrective surgeory in 2003. i had a vertabrectom and partial fusion which

meant they removed a vertabrae and 2 discs and fuesed the joint with bone
grafted from my hip and a titanium plate and 4 screws that go into 4 of my
vertabrae.even after the surgery i experienced chronic and severe pain in my

neck lower back and shouldres and arms as well as some numbness in the arms
and hands. i was in a neck brace for 10mths after the surgery and largely in
active as a result my weight ballooned to where iwas atleast 35kg over

weight. and my muscle mass dropped dramatically. im 165cm tall and blew up
to 105kg of lard. i became depressed and isolated. i had no life. when i was
younger(im 46 now) i played grade rugby league and union and dabbled in
martial arts and i have always kept a reasonable physique through weight

training but after my accident i just let myself go. 18mths ago i said
enoughs enough and vowed to get my life back so i bought a smiths machine
with a peck deck and upper and lower pulley system and a shit load of
weights and an eliptical .i started training. I followed the methods i hsd

learnt when iwas younger. i bought every weight loss suppliment on the
market and did intense 2hr workouts 5 days a week, but saw little in the way
of gains, so i started to follow the latest workouts in the muscle mags and
still i didnt see any great improvement. in 12mths i only managed to lose

5kg and had plateaud in my strength gains( and had even started to go
backwards in some excercises). But about 6 mths ago i signed up for your

free e-mails and i started to employ your principles, i cut back on my
training only working out for 30min 5 days a wk focussing on compound
exercises, ivaried my workouts changing the exercises every month to keep
things fresh, i limited my cardio to 20-30 minutes a day and mixed it up by

doing eliptical some days bike riding and walking on others, i get more rest
and i focus more on diet. i also dont waste my cash on bullshit supplaments
any more inow stick to the basics,protein powder, creatie and vitamins.
thanks to your tips i had had great results i have lost 20 kg,I now weigh

80kg and my body fat% has dropped from37% to 21% ive gained about 10kg of
muscle mass and made significant strength gains eg. increased bench press by
35kg, squat by 45kg. i ve lost 7 inches off my waist put an inch and 1/2 on

my arms and 2inches on my thighs. i look better, feel better and am enjoying
life again. I still have a way to go but atlast im making progress. Thanks
MHThanks to you i will be able to go to the beach this summer and be proud
of my body,     kind regards ,
DAVID HAYNES          


Hi muscle Head
since takeing out the muscle head guide if have gained 5 kgs of mussle ive learnt about nutrition and the correct way to exersise. i have started the transformation from stick to sick body still got a way to go but loving the product !

after reading your emails and applying muscle heads principals i have gone from training on a 4 day week programme doing over 1 hour sessions,to cutting down to 2 days a week and spending no more

than 40 mins a session total body workouts. i have become stronger with the progression and out doing the last workout aswell as actaully looking forward to my next workout. i also have more time to spend with my family and work a little more  if  i need to.  thanks muscle head.

Shane O'Brien.

p.s. hope to get the free copy of your book


Hey MH,
Don't know if you remember my last email, I'm the navy bloke in Cairns who
was having shoulder surgery.....Had the surgery on the 21st April.......
I only just started going to the gym 3 months before the op(to try and
strengthen my shoulders) but only started getting your emails 2 months
before the op, so there was 1 month of just flopping around the gym like a

fish outta water...
After receiving your emails I had so many comments from people, asking if i
was changing over to be a PTI and I was always getting asked about ("what
should i do"). Working with the PTI's gave me good opportunitiess but your
emails gave me focus ,direction and a positive attitude.. It all sort of

went hand in hand. Long story short, was at the gym cleaning today , cause
thats about all I can do at the moment, and this bloke who is well built
naturally(I thought he worked out for sure) comes up to me and asks for
advice.. I just gave him some pointers on technique and to focus on what

he's doing, and intensity...But it made me feel good, here I am with my arm
in a sling and people still asking me for advice...
I think your letters have helped my physique yes, but the big improvement
has been my confidence and attitude..
Thanks MH!!
I can hardly wait to get back into lifting again!


Good Day MH

My journey started the day my doctor told me that I could start training
again after my accident where
A truck hit me from behind a year ago I needed inspiration again to get
me going so I started looking
On the web on programs and fitness programs then I came across your 10

day program and thought to
Myself let me try it what do I have to loose so I went back to the gym
following your program, and
I must say the improvement on my body and health was astronomical that

I'm back full swing into the
Gym and leading a healthy lifestyle, and got muscle head to thank for
that for the inspiration
So that I could push myself into shape again, and hopefully you could
find my story inspiring as I
Found your 10 day program inspiring

Kind Regards

Francois Kotze


Hey MH,
Since I started receiving this newsletter, I realise that the key to muscle building lies in the mind, I had to change the mindset I had towards weight training, and that has kept me training regularly, at least twice every week. Everytime I hit the gym, instead of the feeling of boredom over the same

routines and the stress I had to put my mind an body to, I started focusing on the results - a leaner & stronger looking physique which I've always wanted. Guess What?, I begin to persevere and endure as I reach the last few reps of the exercises and I noticed a marked improvement in the number of reps I did with the same amount of weights while having that mindset. I was skinny to begin with,

however, weight training changed all that, I learnt from your newsletter that nutrition also played an important part in muscle growth and by eating more frequently(every 2-3 hours), I have since gained 11kg, and especially a much better looking physique. Thanks for the newsletters you've sent me, I have learnt much in weight training as well being a better person, with the improved eating habits, lifestyle changes and a totally new mindset of determination.

Yours Sincerely,



Hi MH,
Replying to your email, I have mad huge differences ever since you've been sending
the  emails my way. My chest has developed considerably( I barely had any chest
muscle at all and now I've got almost fully developed pecks) my back has received heaps

of toning in the muscles there. My triceps have developed incredebly and now I have gun
biceps (18inches) for my height. Also I have tree trunk quads and a huge calf muscle. Also I would just
like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the helpful info you've sent me over the last 6 months.

Fraser O'Donnell


Hey MH
I don't normally enter/reply to offers (don't read it the wrong way), however...since I started receiving your newsletters I have actually read them (which is a big change for me), enjoyed what I have read and been motivated by the fact you are an Aussie who is making it simple, straight forward

and fun.  Not many others provide that these days.  In getting motivated I have been able to get back into my old pair of jeans, which I grew out of just on a year ago and look forward to making those changes to my eating and exercise habits as well as supplements to become a healthier soon to be 40's person.

If I don't win, thankyou and look forward to future newsletters.

Pete Douglas 


hey Musclehead,

thanks for this cool idea. The news letter you email me has had huge impact on  my life not just training. From the first time i received your email letter i was just an a average Jo with average attitude to life and all things revolving around it, my training was normal did not really care what i ate

what i did i just did it because i had to and i just hoped it would work. as time progressed i was not getting any results in life my life was kind of a mess. i had no control over things spent much of my money on useless supplements and magazines, trying one thing to another to look good. after

emailing my details to you i thought its probably another guy who is just trying to sell his stuff. i decided to give it a go and see what happens after all I've been doing that all my life. but little did i know that these quality and unique letters would change me as a person. well what impact it had i

wounder you may ask.........OK then first not only i applied the tips and techniques to training but i applied it to life overall i have now a great job. I'm more motivated and I'm studying for a laws degree. I'm confident and wont settle for second best. my married life is a lot better to now that I'm

confident in everything i do. training wise i was 180 pounds with 24 percent body fat. and now I'm 194 pounds 10 percent body fat. all because of aiming just that little bit higher and not wanting to be a average Jo. weather i win today or not i don't care because i think i won along time ago i won my life back and i think I'm the champion of the world. keep up the good work thanks appriciate it very much.


        i'm Jordan ive been training for 2 years now and like always your looking for something new or something to give you that little edge after listening to loads of testimonials and reading lots of newsletters i can honestly say that the muscle heads newsletters have been at the top of the list just

giving you little tips that you can put straight into your work out and little nutrition tips that can help you eat properly instead of reading loads of paragraphs of useless information the muscle head gets straight to the point and saves you time i really want to say thank you i enjoy the tips that i can read

and use straight away instead of reading lots of newsletters saying why what i'm doing is wrong and not saying to to help it. With the tips the muscle head has given me has got me more motivated in the gym and obviously given me better results in what i'm doing.

Jordan MC


Hey MuscleHead

 I only recently subscribed to your newsletters/Lessons, so the my results have not been as visible as they probably will be in 2 months tine. What i will tell you about is my changes to my workouts and lifestyle after reading your 10 lessons

 I'm your typical hardgainer. Standing 1.8m tall, I weigh about 84kg's, but would definitely like to put on some more lean muscle mass (what guy wouldn't?). I'm bigger than my 72kg frame at 18 (I'm now 22), but would still like to put on more muscle and drop some fat. I've gained strength (I can bench more than my body weight) but not as much muscle as I've hoped for.

 I've always known that to gain weight or mass you need to eat more, and that you need to eat quality calories. I've also known that you need to feed your muscles quality protein and carbs straight after a work out to build them. Yet still I struggle

 However 3 of your lessons really stood out for me, and I'm hoping that this is where my faults lie:

 1) Intensity and Progression

 I've previously subscribed to the idea that I must be able to complete 10 reps on mt THIRD set of an exercise. I would use the same weight on all 3 sets, and thus my 1st 2 sets were wasting my time. I now

do know more than 2 sets on an exercise, working in the 6 to 10 rep range (ensuring my technique stays as true as possible), pumping until I reach technical failure, i.e. cannot complete the next rep

because I'm stuffed from that set. If I can complete more than 10 reps on an exercise, I move to a higher weight where I can't. You can't imagine how much weight I've gone up in certain exercises just from applying this logic.

 2) Recording Data

 Never before have I recorded my progress. If you had to ask me 6 hours after a gym session what exercises I did, with which weights and how many reps I did on each, I could probably tell you, but 3 days later when I come back to the same exercises? Forget It! I consider myself a bright guy, but I still won't remember all the things I did.

I now record what exercises I did on which weights, and how many reps I did on each set on my cellphone between sets. I've drawn up an excel program to record my progress. As soon as I see I'm doing more than 10 reps on an exercise I up the weight.

 3) Resting Properly

 Being a student, Its Work Hard, Play Hard. I'm now trying to incorporate Sleep Hard into this maxim too. I'm aiming for at least 7 to 8 hours sleep a night now, which has caused me to reshuffle and prioritise my life. With this in place I can up the intensity in my workouts the next day.

 I've also incorporated the squat (The best exercise ever according to you) into my leg workout. I've never really used it, always blaming a (legitimate) injury to my left knee. The truth was, that I was lazy. The Intensity lesson incited me to use it. Just 2 sets of 8 reps on 70kg, had my quads, hamstrings and Glutes burning. Definitely felt the intensity there!

 Anyway thanks for the pointers, heres to hoping they bring me impressive gains!


Dean Kietzmann


Hi there,

I've been really into your newsletters for the past month or two. I've always been a tall skinny guy, and I'd been searching for tons of ways to make myself larger - for both self-esteem and a reputation

among school peers. I've made some pretty significant changes to my body - my arms have made a significant gain in mass - before your newsletters, I'd been working out for about 6 months, but I had

no idea what to do. You've helped me develop my own program that's helped me finally see some gains. I’ve gained ten pounds of muscle this year, and it’s all thanks to you and your great tips! Thanks a lot for your help - it means a lot to me!!


dear muscle head. i took on board most of the stuff in your news letter,not all because i have differnt views on some stuff but the majourity of it,i have lost weight and gained muscle and lost bodyfat,but

iv improved my diet and nutrition thanks to your tips and im seing bigger gains because im really stressing my muscles now rather than just going in and doing a workout,whether i get picked for the

muscle gain formula is up to you,id love it but im not depending on it because with the news letter and tips you gave me im already on the path to a healthier lifestyle and the body i want,cheers.brian


I assume you wish to be called Musclehead so here goes...
Dear Musclehead
I will begin by sharing with you the reason I started bodybuilding in the first place. at age 15 I was diagnosed with severe bilateral gynecomastia or in layman's terms man boobs. This was a totally

natural problem and was not a result of steroid abuse as I had never lifted a weight before that point. If only it were a steroid problem I could probably just take an anti-estrogen and it would go away. As I said it was not roid related, the doctors often leave this condition alone in adolescents as the

problem often corrects itself; however I had a particularly bad case and the doctors therefore decide to operate. I had liposuction done (thank god for the NHS!) and my chest fat was greatly reduced, if not gone forever.

However just after my surgery, at age 16, I decided to take self improvement to another level. I joined a gym and began my journey there. I quickly fell in love with the rigours, toils and high

achievements bodybuilding provides us all with. However in my early days I knew very little about bodybuilding, and thats where you came in Musclehead. I came across your newsletter by chance and signed up for it immediately, as knowledge is power and the straight up, no-nonsense approach to

giving straight up information you have caught my attention immediately. I waited for the e-mails, sucking up as much information as possible from them. Now I will be totally straight with you, as you have been with me. You probably will get a load of BS back from this, stuff like 'your newsletter made

me a pro bodybuilder give me the formula I deserve it.' That sort of nonsense. I got a lot from your newsletters mainly though the desire to posses knowledge about bodybuilding, I didn't just want the fish, I wanted to know the best way to get the fish and how to get fish for life. Therefore your

newsletter has had indirectly a profound impact on my bodybuilding career to date in that it prompted me to seek out more knowledge about bodybuilding. The day you realise you know more than the PTs at your gym is an empowering experience. Thanks Musclehead.

Now I'm 17 years old, full of passion for life and ready to take on a world at my feet, and it is all down to bodybuilding. This wonderful sport has given me new confidence and a place in a world that at age 15 felt cruel and meaningless. That is my journey to date and you and your newsletter have played

their part in it.
Lastly I would like to thank you for taking an interest Musclehead whether you bequeath me your

formula or not it's nice to know there is someone out there that has taken an interest in people, a rare breath of fresh air in the egocentric societies we find ourself in.
I wish you all the best in your personal physique goals, I'm off to eat some meat :-)


I started running cross country late august of 2006. I was slow, unfocused, and fat. I managed to drop my 5k time from 28 minutes to 22 over the course of eleven weeks. I then ran all throughout the winter of 2006/ '07 and began Track and Field for the very first time. I started my season off running the 400 meter dash, pole vaulting, and long jumping. My first ever long jump measured 16'1 while

pole vaulting ended at 9'6" for the season. These results were shadows of greatness in my eyes. I then decided to do much better the next year. I weight trained all summer (four days a week) and then ran from 3 - 5 miles afterwards. During that time I had a full time job, a senior project for graduation to complete, and other business meetings to clutter up my schedule. So the fall term began and I was immediately the Cross Country Team's Co-Captain. My 5k time had trimmed down to a mighty 20

minutes (along with my waist line down from 32 inches to 28 inches). I finished the season with a varsity letter (my first ever). During that season I was enrolled in a strength training and conditioning class where I picked up power clean and mastered my squats. I finished first semester as a member of the 750 Power Club (I scored a 760). It was then time for track again. I decided to do away with the

400 and focus on jumping. I long jumped 17 feet, triple jumped 35'3" and pole vaulted 10'6." Okay I didn't improve in the pole vault by very much but heck I didn't even have a coach (I did alright). I currently am testing for the second semester Power Club and I expect to merit an 803. It'll be 47

points shy of the 850 club but its improvement none the less. Looking back I was fat, out of shape, couldn't run, and had a terrible diet. over the course of a year and a half, I dropped 4 inches from my

waistline, diet great (6 meals a day), dropped 35 pounds of fat and built it back in muscle mass, brought my squat from a dismal 160 lbs to 335 lbs, and upped my bench from 155 lbs to 250 lbs. Thats my story so far, I plan on weight training four days every week this summer and running light cardio and plyometrics either before or after each lift routine.



the biggest difference physically is losing my beer belly, but i think the difference to me has been more of a mental one,,,i actually like me now, and my dedication to looking good at 40 has seemed to

make life at work and in general alot easier and less stressful.....hey and chicks seem to notice me,,,,,you cant beat an ego at 40 years old
thanks for everything youv certainly changed my life
tim betteridge


hey MH,
well i signed up to receive your newsletters to improve my strength and gain some definition for this years football season. At only 15/16 years of age i had the skill and speed but just was missing the strength side of things. So i took your 10 lesson advice and put everything you said into practice and

it worked 100%! I started off at 142 lbs and after 4 months am now 155 lbs and have alot of lean muscle! The coaching staff at my club saw such a huge difference in my performance due to my

strength and even my confidence that i am now playing 1st grade mens :) im very thankful i signed up for your letters because without them i wouldnt be playing at the level i am now and im still well on my way to becoming a pro footballer as my dream career. Again thanks alot :)
regards stuart


MH - I picked up on your E-letter some time back and was interested right from the start.  As a 54 year old ex- body sculptor I had found my reflection looking pretty sad.  It had been over 20 years since I had threatened my muscles with anything like intensity; my eating habits were lazy and my mind was asleep.

Your daily messages got through to my dulled brain and got me to thinking that even I could get back into some sort of respectable shape.

At 85 kilos I figured I was about 9 kilos above where I wanted to be to start thinking about building some size and shape.  At first I thought it all too hard; it would take too long.  I was lazy and I knew it.  A far cry from the screaming workouts I once attacked with fanatical zeal; a million miles from the

meticulous eating habits I had once adhered to.  I felt lost  in a sea of futility.  Crikey, I'm 54 and a slob.  Why in the world, how in the world could I see myself even losing 9 kilos just to start hurting myself so badly in my workouts to build the muscle I once had. I almost gave up before I started - and then came the lesson on the mind.

My mind was once so attuned to to my body that even a walk from my office to the bosses office was turned into an exercise.  I thought of every body body movement as an exercise, as a tiny little step towards my goal.  My workouts were so intense I would have an audience and people told me that I was an inspration to them.  But alas, I let it all go and became a slob.

I attacked the principles in your lessons - many of them that were once a part of my life.  I concentrated first on diet and mind set.  I re-trained myself to eat as you suggested and forged my mind set to think in terms of cold steel.  Failure could not be an option.

I dusted off my old multi-station gym and gave it a few good squirts of oil.  I gently sanded off the rust from the vertical rails of the weight stack and my free-weight bars.  I rounded up the weight plates from the various tasks they been assigned to - like wheel chocks for my boat trailer, and I set about designing a workout that would help turn a slob into a man with respect for his own body again.

Today, just weeks after I started I am 76 kilos.  Nine kilos of flab have gone forever.  My muscles are hard again and there is still some of the shape that I toiled so hard for so many years ago.  People are commenting to me every day; they ask me what the heck am I doing to myself.  They want to know

how I've done what I have so quickly. I hope you don't mind but I have printed out your lessons and posted them on the notice boards at my work.  Many of the younger guys have asked me to train with them, to show them how to do the exercises, build routines and put together an eating plan that will work for them too.  The few that have actually trained with me are amazed at the intensity and single-minded focus that I have.

I have only just started my journey to where I want to be - but already others are joining me and it makes the adventure so much more rewarding.  I have gained so much from your lessons.  I have got my life back and I have the added benefit of being able to help others along the way.  Good on yer, Mate.



Dear Muscle head,

I am so grateful for all the emails I have been receiving from you.  It has made a difference in my workouts.  I started working out because of my upper back problem.  My orthopedic surgeon told me to hit the Gym to strengthen my upper back muscles.  Previously I have been suffering from muscle strains between the shoulder blades.  This was causing so much discomfort since I am working in

front of a computer for 9 hours as an Onstar billing advisor.  You could just imagine the strain on the back.  But when I started receiving emails from you guys, I finally had new ideas about routines specifically for my back area.  Immediately I implemented the Lesson 1 as soon as I read it.  Lately, I am no longer feeling the discomfort in my upper back anymore and I feel my posture seemed to have

improved because of the gained strength of my back muscles. 
Come to think of it, I may not win the growth formula you are giving away, atleast I have expressed my appreciation for all your help.  Please keep those emails coming as I am having problems growing my deltoids.  Thanks again Musclehead and please don't stop sending those valuable emails...  More power!!!

Mark Kenji


Hey MH,

    When I started receiving you newsletter i was starting to get really serious about lifting. I had been lifting for a while but i had seemed to hit a plateau. So i decided to read up on somethings and found your site and newsletter. Through reading this newsletter i have changed most aspects of my lifting. I now eat correctly for what i need to succeed, i also lift different now. I used just go fool around for a

little bit. Changing now into being serious about what i am doing. When I'm in the gym i hit it hard. I'm there for a reason. I used to talk to everyone and just hang. Now i am performing way better than

i ever had. I have gained almost 15 pounds and i have increased every part of my lifting. I look great and everyone has noticed! Friends, family, and best of all WOMEN. Your newsletters have greatly helped me motivate myself as well as realize that if i wanted to lift and get bigger I had to work hard and intense. Thank you for everything!



My name is Carl C. Spearing, I  have been training for 59 years. I am in my 74th year, on August 22 the big 74th. I served in the Marine Corps active duty 4/53-4/55 discharged 4/61. Trained while in the service.I enjoy your articles very much. I no longer use heavy weights  but here is my typical

training schedule.Leg ext, squats, leg presses. Calves  body weight, also with 135 barbell. Chest flys. Bench press, incline BP. Back lat pull downs, behind back rows. Shoulders seated press on machine. Arms tricep push downs, incline db curls. Romainian deadlifts. Before work out ride bike for warm up. Stretching, abs, neck. I perform one set of each exercise two days a week. I am 6'2 and 230 lbs. Tell all the younger Guys you do not need steriods for a healthy long life.

 Carl               Semper Fi


I am college student at the university of maine and I have been for the last 2 years. Umaine is a big party school. I got caught up in all the partying, but managed to do fine my freshman year. I started working out at the beginning of my freshman year and saw some results. However, I realize now I had

no idea what I was doing and once the constant drinking began, it made me lazy, ruined my desire to continue working out and I gained twenty pounds of fat rather then twenty pounds of muscle. Over the summer, I lost the twenty pounds of fat and gained a little muscle, but My physique was still below the level I wanted it to be. I went back to college and began drinking again the fall semester and

this time I failed two classes and had no idea what I wanted to do for a career and I decided to temporarily drop out to rethink my life. I took a semester off, worked almost full time and took part time classes. During this time I became highly motivated to work out. I began researching tons of information online. it became almost an obsession. I stumbled upon several websites and books

including this one which I happen to see on an advertisement on facebook. I clicked the link and signed up for the e-mails. I became extremely impressed with the advice given on many different aspects of working out. I was use to trying to get 10 reps of a particular weight each time I lifted. Why? Because 10 is apparently the magic number for people who have no idea what their doing.

After reading these emails and some other online sources, I have become smarter about working out. I have gotten better results and I have become more motivated not just in working out but in school as well. I have decided to major in exercise science which could lead me to several different careers such as personal training, physical therapy, or occupational therapy. I have almost completely

stopped drinking and don't plan on doing it very often anymore. I'm just simply not motivated to since I learned from these e-mails and experience that it will highly effect the results I get from working out. Since I started receiving these e-mails and began working out more efficiently and effectively, I have packed on 10 pounds of muscle and I'm still highly motivated and still going. This is not just a temporary habit for me anymore. This has become a lifestyle change.



After the first newsletter I went to a Personnal Trainer with the info. I received from you and we worked out a program. Eight days ago my weight was 225 today it is 218 my goal is 205. I added 15 to

25 pounds on each exercise and lowered the reps from 15 to 7 or 8.  I see a great difference in what I was lifting and what I'm lifting now. I"m 65 years old and play senior softball at a high level so I need to be at my best.  I sold my old gym set and brought a new one that will let me do a more rounded program. I set a three month goal for myself and I print and save every newsletter I receive from you. Thanks for your help.



Hello my name is matt and i know from just reading ur newsletters i gain more endurance and getting more cut when i started reading ur newsletters i was about 185 pounds taking all kinds of

supplements and was doing 5-6 workouts a week and i wasnt gaining anything fast i was staying the same weight and wasnt making much gains on my core lifts (i believe i didnt have enough rest). and with all those supplements i took i was burning my money away and not only that i started to get

chect pains and that was pretty scary but i surived and i stop taking supplements all thogether and thanks to you i found out that the most effiecent way to build muscle is to eat right and get enough

sleep.thanks to you i found a stready workout, 3days a week with cardio. mondays shoulders and back wedensdays legs and fridays chest and arms and i have a 10min cardio at the end of each workout. now i weight 172 pounds currently getting cutter everyday i can finnally see a outline of a 6 pack! lol well thats pretty much my story.

ps i dont know if iam late but well here it is i was in galveston the past weekend fishing, hate to say it came home empty handed with a very red sunburn lol only caught 2 damn hardheads but one my friends caught a 2 foot shark that was like the only thing we could of kept.

sorry about that got of track well thank you for your time


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